17. FEBRUARY 2024

VIP host Anne Laxholm 


Dancers entry will open on 10. December 2023 Ticket sale will open on 15. December
  • 25 € / 180 DDK entry ticket without secured seat
  • 35 € / 260 DKK entry with seat 3 .- 4. Row  
  • 42 € / 315 DKK entry with seat  2. Row 
  • 100 € / 750 DKK VIP seats 1. row. evening 
  • Incl.welcome snacks and drinks from 19:00 - 20:00 in VIP lounge 
  • Contact:  info@nordicball.dk for VIP ticket requests


We are honoured to invite you to the 3. edition of NORDIC BALL  which will take place in Aarhus, the city of  “SMILES”  in the amazing “Hermans” concert hall, where everything is about entertainment.  Dancers of all levels and age groups are invited to  participate in this great event with the most distinguished panel of adjudicators, including dance legends, World Champions and World Championship finalists.

All dancers regardless of level and age are invited to join. 

The day finishes with our Nordic Ball,  Gala Ball evening program  from 20:00 – 23:00 with  World class danceshows in different styles and general dancing  mixed with the finals and crowning of the Nordic Ball and the WDO European Champions. 

During the intervals of the evening program our audience can enjoy the dancefloor for a  general dance, or meet for a drink in the beautiful foyer bar of Hermans.

Audience ticket

Are valid for entry, all day regardless if you buy a ticket for :

Session 1 & 2 (from 10:00 -14.30 aprox)


Session 3 & 4 (from 14:30 onwards)

Only seating tickets for session 3 & 4 ensures a seat for the Nordic Ball Gala evening program from 20.00 – 23.00. 

Dancers tickets 

Dancers entrance fee  is included when you have entered for the competition.


Nordic Ball Categories

Ballroom and Latin 

1. & 2. Session starting time aprox 10:00 (subject to change) 

  • U10 Solo 
  • U12 Solo
  • U14 Solo
  • U16 Solo
  • U19 Solo 
  • Adult Solo O19 
  • Juvenile U10 couples 
  • Juvenile U12 couples 
  • Junior U14 couples
  • Junior U16 couples 

3. & 4. Session starting aprox 14:00 (subject to change) 

  • Pro / Am – teacher / student 
  • Youth U19 couples 
  • Youth U21 couples 
  • Adult  U35
  • Professional
  • Senior 1
  • Senior 2
  • Senior 3
  • Senior 4
  • WDO EUROPEAN U14 latin 
  • WDO EUROPEAN U21 Latin 


Solo and Couples

  • Newcoming Stars
  • Rising Stars
  • International Open

Pro / Am – Teacher / Student 

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold 
  • Scholarship  
  • Nordic Ball Pro /Am open Cup 

With the possibility to dance up to 4 competitions.

See the detailed list of  dances for each category  HERE



If you’re in need of an official invitation from us to apply for a visa – please send an e-mail to info@nordicball.dk  with your passport number, your full name as it is in your passport and the date of your arrival and departure. Please send your e-mail as soon as possible to ensure sufficient time for your visa application.

We’ll then send you an official invitation.


David Sycamore

Honorary Judges

International Adjudicators




The Nordic Ball have come to life through a strong collaboration between Aarhus Sportsdanserforening ÅS and the former 5 times World Dance Champions Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe.

The mission is to create the best possible experience for both dancers and audience at an International Dancesport Competition. 





No succesful competition without a strong management team.

Nordic Ball event manager, Henrik Larsen is famous for having organized no less than 7 World and European Championships during his career. 

Events  which awarded him the “Aarhus city event of the year Award”  no less than 3 times.

Thanks to Henrik, Aarhus is considered one of the leading dance capitals in the world.
Henrik will, together with our great team, make sure that Nordic Ball  will be unforgettable for both dancers, officials and audience.

Contact : henrik@nordicball.dk


HERE IS NORDIC BALL Hermans - Tivoli Friheden Aarhus

Skovbrynet 5, 8000 Aarhus

The cosy garden offers plenty of experiences with beauty, entertainment, concerts, theatre and much more. With its wide range of opportunities and entertainment, Hermans – Tivoli Friheden is the ideal choice for cultural experiences like dancesport.  


Special hotel partner deals will be published on this site from 20. December


Starting time will be 10:00 for the 1  session.

(subject to change) 

Then 3 sessions will follow,  finishing with the Gala evening from 20:00 – 23:00 

Afterparty is at Studio 43, Arresøvej 43, 8240 Risskov. Where the Nordic Salsa Festival will continue all night. 

Timetable might be adjusted, please check again one day before the competition and on the day of the competition!
Please pick up your starting number at least 30 min. before your competition’s starting time, otherwise you will be withdrawn automatically.

Saturday 17. February 10:00 - 22:30

Our Partners

Nordic Ball would not be possible without support and strong collaboration  with our partners. Our gratitude goes out to all who made this event possible. A special thanks goes  to Aarhus Events and the City of Aarhus. 


14.-16. February

For all international dancers incl. Pro / Am


  • 4 Latin groups  ( with Espen,  Peter & Martino on 14. -15. Feb ) 
  • 3 hours guided practice ( Peter and Martino on 14.- 15. Feb.) 
  • Free practise and private lessons only on 16. Feb.
  • Price: 100 Euro per person 
  • Private Lessons upon availability
  • Confirmed teachers :
  • Espen Salberg 
  • Naira Markina 
  • Kristina Stokkebroe 
  • Peter Stokkebroe 
  • Michelle Abildtrup 
  • Martino Zanibellato